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Welcome to Traditional Mortgage Solutions.  I’m Matt Sousa and I own the company.  You have many choices when shopping for a loan. You can go with one of the “Mega Banks” that are out there or with one of the numerous mortgage brokers that are everywhere as well.  Everyone seems to know a “guy” or has a brother in law that does loans! When shopping for a loan you should look for two things: 1. What is the best rate I can get with the lowest amount of closing costs? 2. What kind of service will I receive? Number one is simple.  Shop around and compare. Everyone says they have the best rates but it’s not always the case. I have a distinct advantage over many people in that I own the company!  I don’t’ have a team of processors I have to pay for and I don’t have a giant building that I need to pay for.  I also don’t have to share my commissions with the company because I AM the company.  This allows me to be able to offer lower rates or pay more of your closing costs, or in many cases, both. Number two is an easy answer as well.  In terms of service, here's what i do that most companies don't. I will come to your home or office to fill out the initial application. We (me and an attorney) will also come to your home or office for the closing. We don’t make you come to us or go to some attorney’s office a ½ hour away from your house during business hours. We have no problem meeting during hours that are convenient for YOU. Anytime between 7:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Sunday. You will also be dealing directly with me throughout the entire loan process. You will not get “passed off” to a loan processor or a closing department.  When you have a question you call or email me directly. ​
​Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to working with you on your home purchase or refinance.


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